What Kind Of Dog Is A Maltipoo Anyway?

Maltipoo is a very charming “toy-sized” pet dog weighing between 5-12 pounds. It’s a cross between a Maltese and a mini Poodle, however it’s not yet acknowledged as its own breed. So Maltipoo is still commonly referred to as a hybrid or designer pet dog. Besides being exceptionally adorable, Maltipoo is also really intelligence and has a lively character, that’s why it’s quickly getting popular among pet enthusiasts.

Maltipoo usually has the curl of a poodle or soft and silky texture of the Maltese or might likewise be somewhere in the middle. It’s also considered a low shedding pet dog due to the fact that the coat is made from hair, not fur. Maltipoo might have various colors, because the poodle genes bring along eleven different shades, these various colors consist of silver, red, orange, tan, gray, cream, brown, blue, black and apricot. Some Maltipoos even have more than one colors on their coats, however the most popular color of Maltipoo is white, maybe because mainly both moms and dads are white (Maltese is a pure white type or a bit velvety in unusual cases).

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Really some people still do not concur with the mixing of different pet dog breeds like the Maltipoo, however perhaps this is a great time to advise them that actually many of the dog breeds that we understand and love today are the results of this type of breeding. In reality, some of the most popular types are actually the results of a more aggressive kind of breeding, like the Pomeranian for instance. Pomeranian is a toy-sized pet that originated from White Spitz type sled pets, which are in fact big dogs. The breeding process of Pomeranian was a long one, including cross breeding of the White Spitz dogs through many generations with different types of small dogs. Now Pomeranian has actually been acknowledged as its own breed.