Possible Eye Problems in a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Getting a pup is a big choice, since it takes a big duty. You have to be accountable for your puppy’s health and wellbeing. So besides you have to make certain that your puppy has enough food, love and affection, you also need to be aware about any health issue that may take place.

Various breeds of puppies generally have different specific illness that you must be concern about. For a Cocker Spaniel, among the main possible health concerns is the eye issue. There are numerous eye problems that can occur in your Cocker Spaniel pup that can be rather severe and might even cause blindness. It is necessary for you to acknowledge the symptoms of these issues as early as possible to avoid any awful repercussions.

Here are a few of the most typical eye issues that could take place to your Cocker Spaniel:


This is a condition when the bottom eyelid of the pup rolls inward, so the hair will rub against the eyeball. It will trigger a horrible inflammation on the eye and needs to be fixed through surgical treatment.


Distichia is an irregular hair that grows from the oil glands discovered in the eyelid. This condition likewise triggers a terrible inflammation on the eyeball making it red or irritated.

Cherry Eye

Cocker Spaniel has a 3rd eyelid which contains a tear gland to secure the eye. In some cases it could break out of its regular position and appears like a red swelling. This condition also needs a surgical treatment.


When there is an uncommon quantity of pressure within the eye, this condition may take place. This condition can result in blindness if not dealt with properly. The signs include discomfort, level of sensitivity to light, extending eyeball and red eyes.


Typically called pink eye typically brought on by allergic to pollens or lawns, or might likewise caused by a fungal infection.

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  1. Mary

    My puppy took care of to take a substantial portion of cooked liver and consumed it before I might take it from her. Well, you can just envision how the following number of days went by. She ended up with a bad looseness of the bowels so bloody stools were on the menu, sadly. After a week everything was back to normal but she shed a ridiculous amount of weight. Because that event I never ever leave any type of food without supervision; I know I don’t wish to go with that hell once more.

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